retreats for pilgrims

For  those  needing  a  moment  of  rest  and  reflection  during  your  camino  or  for  those  needing  a  place  to  land  after  your Way.


When  possible we  offer  retreats  by  donation  for  pilgrims with credential walking to Santiago.  

 During   our  working  hours  the  discounted  cost  for  one  pilgrim with a credential  is 40 €  half  day,  60 €  full  day.  This  includes  all  materials.  (Meals  by  donation).


The  content  depends  on  the  needs  of  the  pilgrim.  Some explorations may include : 

 - Exploring  the  labyrinth  as  a  symbol  of  pilgrimage

- The archetype of pilgrimage and pilgrimage as rite of passage

- The  rose  window "mandala"  / Gentle  explorations  in  sacred  geometry  and the meaning of scared architecture along the way (this  is  a  meditative,  contemplative  process )  

- Going back to matter - painting  geometry  with  camino  earths  and precious  stones

- Sunrise or sunset visit to nearby  ancient petroglyphs .

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