Castrillo  de  los Polvazares  is  situated  200km  east  of  Santiago  de  Compostella, in  the  heart  of  the Maragateria  region. It  is  a  heritage  site  and  considered  one  of  the  most  beautiful  villages  in  all  of Spain.


Castrillo  dates  back  to  the  16th  century. It  is  in complete  harmony  with  its  natural  surroundings  made  up  entirely  of  local  red  and  orange   coloured  stones.  They  contrast  to  the beautiful  old  arched  wooden  doors  painted  green,  blue  and  red.  The  village  sparkles  in  the  Spanish  sunlight  and  the  stones   seem  to  catch  fire  and  glow  at  dusk.

The  people  of  the  village, known as  "Maragatos"  are  proud  of  their  traditions  and  customs. You  can  see  their  beautiful  traditional  dresses  and  dances  every  year at  the  "La  Magdalena"  festivities.  The  patron  Saint  of the village -   Mary  Magdalene  is  celebrated   at  the  end  of  July.  

The  surrounding  landscape  is  breathtakingly  beautiful - open  and  vast  with  lots  of  wonderful  paths  to  explore. Experience  an  explosion  of  wild  flowers in  the  Spring  and  a  landscape  of  golden  platinum  hues  in  the  summer. 


We  are  situated  on  the  Camino  Frances,  a  sacred  path  walked  by  millions  of  pilgrims  throughout  the ages.  As  well  as  running  retreats  we   offer  hospitality  to  pilgrims  accommodating  them  at   the  village  refuge  or  at  Flores  Del  Camino  throughout  the  year.  Pilgrims see here

The  retreat  centre  is  an  old  stone house,  lovingly  renovated.  It  is  made  up  of  ensuite  rooms  nested  around  a  charming  courtyard  with  a  vine  and fruit  trees,  with  spaces  for  meetings  and  creativity.  


As  well  as  its  breathtaking  landscape this  area  of  Spain  is  rich  in  architectural  treasures.  Just  on  our doorstep  we  have  exquisite  5000  year  old  petroglyphs,  dolmens,  pre  romanesque,  romanesque  and  gothic  architechural treasures : Leon cathedral, the valley of silence, the monestary of San Miguel de Escalada, roman mosaics, just to name a few.

Flores Del Camino, Calle Real 36,  Castrillo de los Polvazares  24718 


+34 691 221 058