Rediscovering the wisdom of our ancestors 

We  are  especially  dedicated  to  helping  you  draw  nourishment  from  traditional  contemplative creative  practices  for  today.  

 Throughout  the  year  we  host  and  run  retreats  that  nurture  community,  meaningful  process,  embodied  experience  and  the  inward journey.


Celebrating, Beauty, nature and the sacred. Suitable for beginners and open to all.


We offer a tender and nourishing space


Hello  and  welcome,  we  are  Basia  and  Bertrand.  Flores  del  Camino  is  our  home  and  it  is  a work  of  love.

We  were  so  touched  by  the  Camino  that  we  moved  here,  to  live  our  lives  next  to  it  and  to  give  what  we  can  to  others  on  the  Way.   We  are  dedicated  to  supporting  pilgrims  on  their  journey.  We  welcome  pilgrims  of  the  foot,  spirit  and  all  guests  wanting  to  spend  some  time  on  this  soulul  path.     

 Everybody  needs  beauty  as  well  as  bread,  

places  to  play  in  and  pray  in,  where  nature  can  heal  

and  bring  strength  to  body  and  soul.

John Muir


We  are  pilgrims,  artists,  educators  and  retreat  facilitators  passionate  about  holding  space  for   personal  growth,  contemplation  and  creativity.  Basia  Goodwin  (MA)  studied  at  the  Prince's Foundation  School  of  Traditional  Arts.  Bertrand  Gamrowski  (Phd)  has  an  educational  background  in  mathematics.  We  specialise  in  the  use  of  geometry  in  sacred  art  and  philosophy  and  have  made  an  extensive  body  of  research  on  the  sacred  art  and  architecture  of  the  Camino  and  northwestern  Spain.  


With  recognition  and  deep  gratitude  to  professor  Keith  Critchlow  and  Paul  Merchant  for  planting  seeds  and  inspiring  many.


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