"Everybody  needs  beauty  as  well  as  bread,  places  to  play  in  and  pray  in,  where  nature  can  heal  and  bring  strength  to  body  and  soul."


John Muir 

We offer a nourishing space


Hello  and  welcome,  we  are  your  hosts,  Basia  and  Bertrand.  Flores  del  Camino  is  our  home  and  it  is  a  work  of  love.  Throughout  the  year  we  accommodate  pilgrims  on  their  way  to  Santiago  and  run  retreats. We  collaborate  with  other  facilitators,  artists,  writers  and  craftsmen  offering  complementary  and  inspiring  offerings.  Retreats  are  suitable  for  beginners  and  for  those  with  no  experience  of  art.  Join  us  for  an  inspiring  group  retreat  or  bring  your  own  private  group, or  simply  come  to  stay  with  family  and  friends.


About Us


Basia  Goodwin  (MA)  studied  at  the  Prince's  Foundation  School  of  Traditional  Arts.  Bertrand  Gamrowski  (PhD)  has  an  educational  background  in  mathematics.  We  are  deeply  passionate  about  the  Camino  and  our  region.  We  have  a  unique  skill  set,  specialising  in  the  use  of  geometry  in  traditional  art  and  philosophy,  especially  the  art  and  architecture  of  the  Camino  and  Northwestern  Spain.  Between  us  we  work  with  a  variety  of  mediums,  wood,  stained  glass,  ceramics  and  make  and  paint  with  natural  pigments,  using  beautiful  local  earth  ochres. You  can  view  a  sample  our  art/research  here  



With  deep  gratitude  to  Professors  Keith  Critchlow  and  Paul  Merchant  for  planting  seeds  and  inspiring  many.  


Who we collaborate with

Nick  Durnan  has  over  40  years  experience  as  a  stone  mason,  carver  and  sculptor  conservator  of  historic  buildings.  He  originally  trained  as  a  stone  mason  at  Canterbury  Cathedral  in  the  Uk  and  stone  carving  and  conservation  at the  city and  Guilds  of  London  Art  School.  He  has  worked  in  many  English  cathedrals including  Exeter,  Wells,  Salisbury,  Canterbury, Rochester  and  Peterborough.  His  recent work draws inspiration  from  the  beauty  of  natural geometric  forms and nature.

Hanna  Ward  has  researched  and  studied  iconography  under several  masters  from  Greece,  Russia,  Romania,  Finland  and  UK.  She  lectures  and  teaches  in  Finland,  the  UK  and  is  a  visiting  tutor  at  the  Princes  Foundation  School  of  Traditional  Arts,  the  Icon  School  of  Bethlehem  in  Palestine  and  joins  us  once  a  year  at  Flores  del  Camino.  She  regularly  paints  commission  pieces  for  churches  and  private  collectors.  

Beebe  Bahrami  PhD  is  an  award  winning  writer,  book  author,  and  anthropologist.  Beebe is  a  soulful  lady  with  a  mission  to  find  and  write  the  deep  stories  of  people  and  place,  especially  those  on  the  trails  of  the  Camino  de  Santiago.  She is  a  lifelong  pilgrim,  explorer,  and  devotee  of  the  Earth’s  immense  beauty.  Some of  Beebe’s  writing  includes  the  new  Camino guidebook,  Moon  Camino  de  Santiago  and  Café Oc—A Nomad’s  Tales  of  Magic,  Mystery, and  Finding  Home  in  the  Dordogne  of Southwestern  France.

Tom  Bree  is  a  geometer - artist,  teacher  and  writer.  He  specialises in  the  use  of  geometry  in  sacred  art  and  philosophy  and  teaches  drawing  art  classes  as  a  form  of  contemplative  philosophy.  Tom  teaches  at  the  Prince's  School  of  Traditional  Arts  in  London, the  Princes  Teaching  Institute,  The  Chalice  Well  in  Glastonbury,  the  RWA  in  Bristol  and  the  Education Renaissance  Trust. Tom  has  been conducting  a detailed  geometric  analysis  of the  design  of  Wells  Cathedral  in  Somerset  he  is  soon  to  publish.

Sharon  Zeugin  is  passionate  about  looking  within  and   sharing  through  expression.   She  is  a  visual  practitioner  specialising  in  graphic  recording.  She  is  an  experienced  calligrapher,  artist,  educator  and  retreat  facilitator  teaching  in  the  USA,  Canada,  Italy  &  Spain.  She  is  a  faculty  member  of  numerous  international  calligraphy  conferences,  and  the  Austin Contemporary  Art  School.  

Stephanie June Ellis  is  a  professional  artist,  qualified  Colour  Therapist  specialising  in  sacred  geometry  and  biomorphic  art  which  span  culturally  worldwide  throughout  traditional  crafts  and  architecture.  She  passionately  engages  with  local  and  global  communities  offering  wellbeing  through  the  creative  process  with  a  focus  on  geometry.  Primarily  working  with  pen  and  ink  her  creative  practice  aims  to  transcend  viewers  beyond  the  physical  world  and  encourage  a  wider  vision  of  awareness  through  universal  patterns.

Alexander  John  Shaia,  PhD,  is  a  thoughtful  and  poetic  man;  an  author,  educator,  cultural  anthropologist, spiritual  director,  Jungian  psychotherapist,  known  as  a  creative, multi - disciplinary  thinker  and  internationally  sought  out  speaker.  With  deep  conviction,  he  invites  us  into  spiritual  practices  for  the 21st  century - ones  that  cross  traditional  boundaries,  encourage  vital thinking  and  inhabit  a  genuine  community  of  the  heart.  He  is  author  of  the  wonderful  book  “Returning  from  Camino.” 

Christine  Barrington  loves  to  celebrate  people!  She  fulfils her  passion  through  being  a psychotherapist,  "life coach" and  breath  work  guide,  skilfully  leading  people  to  their  inner  dimensions  where  the  greatest  treasure  lives  for  each  of  us.  



What past participants have said 



"Deep gratitude for all you have shown me, of the past, of the present, and what the future can be if we work with truth, beauty and wisdom, in warmth.” 

Kathy G., 2017



“The facilities were great, food excellent, very good company. We thought we were coming for a stone carving course but it was so much more!”

Helen & John M., 2019



“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  I love learning new things, thank you Basia & Bertrand”

Shirley Z., 2019



“The retreat centre is a wonderful space for learning and reflection. The space is so warm and embracing.”

Greg N., 2019



“Thank you to you both for a wonderful twelve days of geometry, walks in the glorious spring countryside and fabulous meals. A little corner of harmony, peace and love between Heaven and Earth. A blessing for all who pass through your doors.”

Margi L., 2019



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