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Castrillo  de  los  Polvazares  is  located  7km  west  of  Astorga.

It  is  on  a  1km  alternative  Camino  Route. 

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BETWEEN MADRID (airport / city centre) & FLORES DEL CAMINO

Madrid  offers the widest range of international flights and follow on transport.  

 Flores del Camino is located in a small village called Castrillo de los Polvazares. Astorga is the nearest town to Castrillo (5 min drive). Astorga has a train station and a coach station. An alternative transit is León, the main city of the region.

 Should you arrive earlier, both Astorga and León are worthy of a visit. Astorga deserves to spend the day and León, a couple of days.

Depending on your budget and timeframe, you have the following options.


Option 1. Coach or train to Astorga. Could be as cheap as 40€ (coach / train fare + ~12€ taxi ride to Flores). Some coaches stop in the centre of Madrid (from where you can take a taxi or the underground). Some go all the way to the airport.

Door-to-door: varies, could be 5 or 6h.


Option 2. Fast train with taxi transfers. There are fairly frequent fast trains between Madrid (Chamartín Station) and León. Door to door: about 4h. Total cost would vary but probably around 120€ per person (taxi from the airport: fixed fare 30€ + train ticket + taxi from León to Flores: ~60€)

Note: you can also use suburban trains or the metro between the airport and the train station.


Option 3. Renting a car gives you freedom to visit the country before and/or after the retreat. Check through the internet.


Option 4. Door-to-door taxi. ~385€ and 3h30. Fastest and most comfortable. If you can share the taxi this is great.



We recommend that you should book trains and/or coaches in advance. They are fairly inexpensive but can get full, especially around holiday periods.

Public transport is reasonably good and cheap. Roads are reasonably safe. Not all Spanish people speak English but many are friendly so do not hesitate to ask for directions.


Trains     www.renfe.com

You can book Spanish trains only about two months in advance. Trains for Astorga or León always leave from Chamartín station in Madrid.

See below how to get from the airport to the city centre / train station.


Coaches    www.alsa.com

Coaches from the airport operate from Terminal 4. There is a free shuttle between the airport terminals.

Some coaches leave from the city centre. See below how to get from the airport to the city centre / train station. 


Between Madrid airport and Madrid city centre / train station

You do not need to make any reservation. Taxis between the airport and anywhere in the city have a fixed fare of 30€ (as of early 2020).

There is also the cheaper possibility to use the underground (Metro) or the suburban trains.

Taxis and public transport are well indicated inside the airport and there are help desks.

Google Maps estimates 10 min by car, 30 to 35 min by public transport. You should allow extra time for possible delays and if it is your first time.


Taxis to and from Astorga / Flores del Camino

We work with two reliable and professional local taxi drivers.

Mini-van (8 seats) and/or long distance: Luis (+34) 609 417 205. Luis speaks English.

4 seats: Isidro (+34) 630 829 294. Isidro does not speak English but can communicate in English via text/WhatsApp. He does local rides but can do long distance as well.

If you want to book, you can send them a WhatsApp or a text message with the following information:

  • Say that Flores del Camino gave you their number
  • Your name
  • Pick up point and time (if you go to the airport, you can ask at what time he recommends to leave)
  • Total number of passengers and quantity of luggage
  • Destination
  • Your flight details (if any)
  • Ask for a quote




From both overseas and Europe, you can also land in Barcelona, or even Lisbon, in case you would wish to visit these cities. There are domestic flights between Barcelona and León airport.


Travellers from London can also land in Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, Bilbao, Santander, A Coruña, . See coach lines or trains from these cities.


Car rentals are available in all airports (check on the internet). Our recommended taxi drivers can also pick you up.


From the UK there are ferry boats to Bilbao and Santander. It is the opportunity for a delightful mini-cruise .

Flores Del Camino, Calle Real 36,  Castrillo de los Polvazares  24718 


+34 691 221 058