A Book of Ours (Vision Quest)

27 Sept - 4 Oct 2020

limited to 8  participants

Retreat  leaders : Sharon Zeugin, Basia  Goodwin



Early  bird  (before Feb 1st 2020): 

1600 €  single  ensuite


After  February  1st 2020: 

1700€  single  ensuite




A soulful journey through creative contemplation and ritual 


We provide structure but also hold intention and space for the unfolding of a unique personal and group experience. 


Inspired by the “pilgrims’ passport”, throughout the week  you will be working on a “soul book / personal journal of exploration”. Using mixed media and intuitive exercises, Sharon (calligrapher, artist, retreat facilitator) will support you in putting raw material into a book form. This can include : your own stamps that you will create, and “prompts” from the imagery we will have explored. Sharon has many years of teaching this exercise and will skilfully support each individual participant in their own unique journey and individual response. 


During the week Basia offers presentations and poetic explorations on: the Camino, liminal space and symbols of transformation in relation to the Camino and sacred geometry as a contemplative exercise. You will also be learning how to prepare your own pigments, using precious stones, camino earths and gold leaf, as well as exploring the "alchemical" process of creating colour and it's alchemical colour symbolism. 


The week will also consist of visits to some special local places: including a sunrise visit to ancient 5,000 year old petroglyphs carved with labyrinths and the beautiful “ermita” of Santa Marina, secluded in nature, where we will be collecting our pigments. 


Sharing circles by the fire and all else that the space and its participants invite.


Vison Quest

A Vision Quest is typically defined as a Native American Rite of Passage (for young men) who go alone into the wilderness for several days in order to make contact with a spirit guide in the form of an animal. It is a solitary ordeal, where one faces the challenges of both inner and outer elements but comes away with a stronger grounding in one's self and within one's community.  At the end of the quest the totem animal accompanies the individual and remains with him all his life, offering, wisdom, comfort,  guidance and support. 


As Joseph Campbell tells us in the Hero's Journey "the quest" as a rite of passage is not unique to Native Americans (nor limited to males) and is a cross cultural phenomena found in the myths and stories of all peoples. For whoever is willing to take it a "vision quest"  is a means by which to gain both personal growth as well as healing and consciousness to ones entire group.


By heeding the call to create something we begin a journey of solitude into our inner world, often challenged by critical voices  and alternatively guided by intuitive wisdom. The invitation during this week is to let go of rules we know about art making with an invitation to embrace the process of the journey and follow one's intuition in moving through what may feel like unknown territory in discovering our own "personal vision". 


Preliminary  timetable   

27th   Arrival  (we  welcome  guests  from  4pm)  evening  welcome  meal  6/7 pm. Intention fire.

28th   Camino  presentation, labyrinth and petroglyphs and preparations for "soul journal".  Free time to explore the village before dinner. 

29th   Sunrise visit to petroglyphs, Santa Marina collecting pigments and sharing circle. Journal explorations continued.

30th  Symbols of the Way and Sacred geometry explorations /  preparing  natural  pigments - the alchemy of colour.

1st   Explorations. In the evening, sharing circle by the fire and the full moon. 

2nd   Explorations continued.

3rd   3km walk on the camino and making a labyrinth. In the afternoon free time or you can continue on your journals. 

4th   Departure  after  breakfast and morning wrap up / closing ceremony.

The  price  includes :

Seven  nights  accommodation 

All  meals

Teaching  and  materials

It  does  NOT  include  airline  tickets  or  travel  to  the  retreat  centre.  HOW  TO  GET  HERE?

Once  we  confirm  a  place  is  still  available,  you  can  secure  it  by  making  a  400€,  non  refundable  deposit.  The  remaining amount  is  to  be  paid  two  months  before  the  retreat.  Refunds  are  only  available  if  all  spaces  are  filled  or  you  can  find  a replacement  for  yourself.  You  can  make  the  payment  via  Pay Pal  to bg@floresdelcamino.com.   Contact  us  should  you  prefer  a  different  method  via  bank card  (via  phone  payment - see  phone  number  below ),  transfer  or  Transferwise.  Please  note to make  sure  you  cover  all  transaction  or  conversion  fees. 

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