The Art of Pilgrimage


19 - 25 May 2019

8  participants

Retreat  leaders : Basia  Goodwin,  Bertrand  Gamrowski



Early  bird  (before March 1st): 

850 €  single  ensuite

750 €  shared ensuite  (per person)


After  March  1st: 

950 €  single  ensuite

850 €  shared  ensuite  (per  person)



In various traditions the fashioning of a sacred art form is itself a "pilgrimage", emulating the journey of the soul back to its source or "centre".

  • Draw  nourishment  from  tradition  by  exploring  our  ancestors'  love  for  symbol  and  ritual,  Beauty,  nature,  and  the  Sacred through  deepening  your  appreciation  of   their   architectural  treasures  on  the  Camino de Santiago.
  • Deepen  your  understanding through presentations  on  the  Camino  de  Santiago  and  the  art /architecture  of  pilgrimage.
  • Visits  to ancient petroglyphs and  7th century visigothic monastery of San  Pedro  de  la  Nave.
  • You  will  deepen  your  appreciation  through  exploring  the  visible,  hidden  and  symbolic  geometry  used  in  traditional  art,  the  principles  of  geometry  found  in nature,  as  you  are  guided  through  how  to  construct  some  beautiful  geometrical  patterns  on  tea - stained  paper.
  • Collect  Camino  earths  and  learn  how  to  prepare  and  paint  using  natural  pigments.
  • This  will  also  be  your  opportunity  to  spend  some  quiet  time  in  nature  on  the  beautiful  Camino  de  Santiago.  Go  for  walks.  Enjoy  home - cooked  meals  under  the  pergola,  fruit  trees  and  vine.  Share  with  others  by  the  warmth  of  the  fire  each  evening,  and  enjoy  the  stillness  and  quiet  of  the  star - lit  Milky  Way.

Preliminary   timetable   for 19 -25 May 2019


19th   Arrival  (we  welcome  guests  from  4pm)  evening  welcome  meal  6/7 pm.

20th   Camino  presentation - exploring  the  labyrinth  as  a  symbol  of  pilgrimage,  tea  staining  paper,  study  of  5000  year  old petroglyphs.

21st    Sunrise  visit  to  petroglyphs, visit  to  San  Pedro  de  la  Nave.

22nd  Geometry  in  sacred  art  /  preparing  natural  pigments.

23rd   Geometry  in  sacred  art  /  painting  with natural  pigments.

24th   Geometry  in  sacred  art  /  painting  with  natural  pigments.

25th   Departure  after  breakfast.


The  price  includes :

Six  nights  accommodation

All  meals


Teaching  and  materials

It  does  NOT  include  airline  tickets  or  travel  to  the  retreat  centre.  HOW  TO  GET  HERE ?

Once  we  confirm  a  place  is  still  available,  you  can  secure  it  by  making  a  300 €,  non  refundable  deposit.  The  remaining amount  is  to  be  paid  two  months  before  the  retreat.  Refunds  are  only  available  if  all  spaces  are  filled  or  you  can  find  a replacement  for  yourself.  You  can  make  the  payment  via  Pay Pal  to   Contact  us  should  you  prefer  a  different  method  via  bank card  (via  phone  payment - see  phone  number  below ),  transfer  or  Transferwise.  Please  note to make  sure  you  cover  all  transaction  or  conversion  fees. 

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