Individual Retreats


FOR WHO?   for  your  group.  

4 participants minimum, 10 maximum.  Suitable  for  beginners;  no  prior  experience  or  skills  needed.


FOR HOW LONG?   1 - 7  days.


HOW DOES IT WORK?  Check  for  availability.  Tell us  your  time  frame  and  what  inspires  you  from  the  list  below  for   us  to  tailor  a  retreat  for  your  group.

Contact us for the price.


  •  Deepen  your  appreciation  for  the  Camino  through  presentations  and  explorations  on  the labyrinth  as  a  symbol  of  pilgrimage.
  •  Learn about  sacred  geometry in Camino architecture  ( this  is  a  meditative,  contemplative  creative process ). 
  • Paint  geometrical  designs  with  natural  pigments.
  • Learn  how  to  collect,  prepare  and  paint  with  Camino  earthen  pigments.
  • Study  the  beautiful  mosaics  of  La  Olmeda  exploring  their  beautiful  forms  and  the  principles  of  geometry  found  in  nature.  ( such explorations  can  apply  to  other  visits :  the  mozarabic monastery  of  San  Miguel  de  Escelada,  the  valley  of  silence,  the  visigothic  church  of  San  Pedro de  la  Nave,  Leon Cathedral ).
  • Make  a  stained  glass  piece.
  • Learn  about  the  ancient  petroglyphs  of  Galicia  through  workshops  and  presentations  in  preparation  for  a  sunrise / sunset  visit  to  incredible  local  5000  year  old  petroglyphs.

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