Shamseh Painting

 24 - 30 November 2019

This retreat is limited to only 5 participants

Retreat leaders : 

Basia Goodwin 



Early bird book before July 1st

ensuite single 850 €

ensuite shared  750 €


book after July 1st

ensuite single 950 €

ensuite shared 850 €



  • Learn  the  technique  of  Persian  Shamseh  painting  and  create  a  beautiful  piece  to  take  home.
  • Discover  how  to  prepare  and  paint  with  natural  pigments,  precious  stones  and  Camino  earths (which  we  will  collect  ourselves ),  as  well  as  24  carat  shell  gold. 
  • This  will  be  your  opportunity  to  spend  some  quiet  time  on  the  Camino,  going  for  walks, if  you  wish,  and  engaging in a meditative  process.




Basia:  I   once   came  across  a  saying  - "to  labour  is  to  pray"  that  taught  me  that  prayer  can  be  in  every  act.  For  me  it  is through  the  joy  of  serving  pilgrims,  singing,  walking  and  painting.


I  was  introduced  to  the  shamseh  painting  technique  several  years  ago  and  have  continued  this  practise  ever  since  because it  invites  me  into  a  deep  stillness.  Quiet.  It  has become  my  form  of  meditation,  call  it  prayer.


The  shamseh  takes  many  hours  of  work,  requiring  delicate brush  work.  When  it  is  complete  and  I  see  the  gold  shimmering  and  the  colours  dancing  over  its  hidden  geometry  I  feel  humbled  -  left  with  a  feeling  of   awe  and  deep  gratitude  that  I  could  participate  in  such  Beauty.  It  was created  by  my  hand,   but  it   does  not  belong  to  me.  Each  time  I  paint  I  discover  something  new.  


Every  November,  in  preparation  for  the  deep  dark  winter  months  you  are  invited  to  join  me  for  a  time  of  retreat  during  which  you  will  paint  a  beautiful  Shamseh  (meaning  "sun"  or,  "like  the  sun").  Sometimes  we  paint  in  silence,  other  times  listening  to beautiful  songs  inspired  by  Rumis  poetry.



Preliminary  timetable   for 24 -30 September 2019


24th   Arrival (we  welcome  guests  from  3pm)  evening  meal  welcome  7 pm.

25th   tea  staining  paper,  practising curves,  lines,  making  the  tracing, preparing  pigments  and  choosing  the  palate.

26th     painting

27th   painting

28th   painting

29th   painting

30th   Departure  after  breakfast.


The  price  includes :

Six  nights  accommodation

All  meals

Teaching  and  materials

It  does  NOT  include  airline  tickets  or  travel  to  the  retreat  centre.  HOW  TO  GET  HERE?

Once  we  confirm  a  place  is  still  available,  you  can  secure  it  by  making  a  300  euros,  non  refundable  deposit.  The  remaining amount  is  to  be  paid  two  months  before  the  retreat.  Refunds  are  only  available  if  all  spaces  are  filled  or  you  can  find  a replacement  for  yourself.  You  can  make  the  payment  via  Pay Pal  to   Contact  us  should  you  prefer  a  different  method  via  bank card  (via  phone  payment - see  phone  number  below ),  transfer  or  Transferwise.  Please  note to make  sure  you  cover  all  transaction  or  conversion  fees. 

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